Damman Arabia Saudi


Aqualia – Nesma – Abdul Latif Jameel


Kingdom of Saudi Arabia







Treatment Flow

Daily medium: 200.000 m3/d, Half time: 8.333 m3/h, Top Average: 13.333 m3/h, Top Instant: 16.000 m3/h


Water line formed by; Inlet flow measurement, Inlet and general bypass works, Gross pit, Removal of coarse solids, Removal of fine solids, Grit and grease removal, Flow regulation chamber to primary clarifiers, Distribution chamber to primary clarifiers, Primary settling, Balancing tank, Elevation of stored water to biological treatment, Distribution chamber to biological reactors, Biological treatment by continuous aeration process with nitrogen removal (nitrification-denitrification) and phosphorus removal by biological means, Methanol (CH4) Storage and dosage facilities, Secondary settling, Tertiary treatment, Outfall pumping station.
Sludge line formed by; Extraction of primary sludge to primary sludge screening, Extraction of tertiary sludge to primary sludge screening, Recirculation of the biological sludge to the biological reactors, Extraction of excess biological sludge, Primary sludge screening, Gravity thickening for primary sludge, Pumping of thickened primary sludge to mixing chamber, Waste activated sludge thickening, Chemical conditioning of sludge by cationic polyelectrolyte, Pumping of thickened sludge to mixing chamber, Equalization of Thickened Primary and Thickened Waste Activated Sludge, Pumping of mixed sludge to anaerobic digestion, Anaerobic digestion, Storage of digested sludge, Pumping of sludge to dewatering system, Dewatering, Chemical conditioning of sludge by cationic polyelectrolyte, Transport of dewatered sludge to silo, Storage of dewatered sludge, Transport of dewatered sludge to thermal drying, Thermal drying system, Dry sludge storage.
Gas line formed by; Membrane gasholder, Gas burners.


  • Detailed technical information and description of the Project including all information, drawings, diagrams and data required as well as all technical form sheet requirements.
  • Project Description.
  •  Process Design.
  •  Process Modeling.
  •  Electrical Design.
  •  Instrumentation and Control.
  •  Preliminary Project Drawings.
  • Preliminary List of Specifications.
  •  O&M cost study.
  •  Measurements and Quotation.
  •  Technical Amendments/Qualifications
  •  Schedule of Equipment & Technology Suppliers
  •  Technical Data Submission
  •  Detailed technical information and description of the connection requirements to the sewage network